Manufacturer of special machines

Our History :

Startech was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of special machines. In 1996, Startech moved into its Damprichard premises, which it shares with Probotech, a company specialising in automation. The two companies immediately collaborate, their mechanical/automatic synergy gave birth in the 2000s to the Tech&Tech brand under which the machines manufactured jointly are marketed..

In 2013, Startech becomes a partner of the company MGR Monnier Energie, a specialist in large dimension machining and mechanical welding, the company thus integrates the manufacture of the shell of its machines.

In 2017, Startech and Probotech merge under the Startech entity, the two teams now share the same design office built for the occasion.

Today :

The company now has nearly 50 employees. For more than 30 years, it has been developing and manufacturing high-tech special machines.  Its position as regional leader is the result of unceasing research work, as well as the know-how and involvement of its entire team, young and/or dynamic.
Its business: to provide you with solutions that combine precision and productivity.
Tech&Tech manufactures your machine from A to Z, according to your specifications. You benefit from tailor-made solutions.

Skills and areas of activity :

We can provide your company with three major skills: the development and manufacture of special machines, the automation and robotization of your production resources, as well as the manufacture of high-precision tools (micromechanics). We have been continuously forging this know-how for more than 30 years, thanks to our more than 250 customers in three main sectors of activity, watchmaking, medical and automotive. We are of course open to any other field that would match our expertise in precision and productivity.