Manufacturer of special machines

Since its creation almost 40 years ago, Startech has been manufacturing special machines, and has now made them its core business.
We mainly manufacture two main families of machines : 

  • Assembly machines
  • Machining machine

We are also specialized in the manufacture of transfer machines, high productivity machines, which will be able to respond efficiently, and within reasonable budgets, to your production requirements.

Why use the special machine?

If we immediately think of applications where a "standard" CNC machine (vertical centre up to 5 continuous axes or lathes) cannot be used because the part to be produced is too exotic, this case represents only a small part of the special machining machines that we manufacture. The use of our dedicated machines is necessary in only 20% of cases.

In 80% of cases, our customers choose our machines by strategic choice and not by default, despite a "traditional" process long preferred for its flexibility, because our machines offer an incomparable advantage: their productivity. A special machine can at least halve the production time of a part family compared to a "standard" CNC.

Example: Link for a watch strap

Productivité optimale
pour la fabrication d'un maillon pour bracelet horloger


Optimum productivity
Precision 5-axis continuous milling machine
about 10'

Production time
TT16 Startech Machine
about 2'

Which areas of application?

Our clients are mainly divided into the following three sectors of activity: Watchmaking, Automotive and Medical. However, we are open to all as long as the project falls within our scope of competence, and regularly manufacture machines for other sectors of activity with a combined need for precision and productivity (cutlery, locksmith, galvanizing etc...)


If your project is already well advanced, you can consult us directly by sending us your specifications, otherwise, we can help you to carry it out jointly, in order to best meet your needs.

We are proud to master the process of a special machine, and to be able to bring you our expertise throughout the manufacturing process. Our mechanical and electrical design offices carry out the complete design of the machine, then we manufacture the parts in-house thanks to a modern machining workshop. Our teams of assemblers, cable operators, programmers and automation engineers then assemble and tune the machine.

The 4 essential steps of the manufacturing process

Mechanical and electrical design
Machining of parts
Mechanical and electrical assembly
Development and customer delivery

the 4 essential positions in the manufacture of a machine that are controlled by the company.
Whatever your sector of activity, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to answer you on the feasibility and cost your project as soon as possible.